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Origin Activation

How to activate a game on Origin?

Most of the games from Electronic Arts have to be activated and installed on Origin.

1.) Please download Origin here.

2.)Save the file and execute the OriginThinSetup.exe.
    Please follow the instructions in the installation setup.

3.) After successfully installing the Origin Client, it starts automatically.
     You will be asked for you account data. If you do not have an Origin account, please register here

4.) You will see the games you have already purchased after successfull registering / logging in. 
     Please select the option "Origin" => "Redeem Product Code..."

5.) Please enter the Code you received in your e-mail.


6.) You have now successfully activated your game from Gamesrocket. 

The download for the game will be added to you Origin account. Please start the download.

When the download is completed, you can install the game and start playing.