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Steam Activation

For some games, the publishers have decided to only make them available for download and activation via Steam. For this purpose, please follow these steps:

  1. Create a new account
    Choose the option “create a new account“ or, if you already have an account, choose “log in to your account“
    Steam Registration Step 1

  2. Conditions of use
    A window will open, showing the current conditions of use. Accept these by clicking on the button “I agree“
    Steam Registration Step 2

  3. Creation of the account
    Choose your user name and password, then click on the button “Continue“
    Steam Registration Step 3

  4. Email address
    Provide your email address and click “Continue“
    Steam Registration Step 4

  5. Security question
    Choose a security question and provide the respective answer. This is needed to restore your password if you should lose it any time. After that, click "Continue“.
    Steam Registration Step 5

  6. Account information
    You have successfully created your Steam account. You are now presented an overview of your account information. Please keep the account data in safe custody and do not pass it on to third parties!


After successful creation of your STEAM account, you can download and activate the purchased PC game. For this purpose, log in to Steam and follow these steps:


  1. Click on the button “Add game“ in the bottom left corner
    Steam Activation Step 1

  2. Now you can add the game you have purchased at Gamesrocket. Choose “Activate a product on STEAM“.
    Steam Activation Step 2

  3. An information window will appear. Click on Continue“.
    Steam Activation Step 3

  4. Agree to the Steam license agreement and click on “Continue“.
    Steam Activation Step 4

  5. Enter the key you have received from Gamesrocket in order to activate the purchased PC Game.
    Steam Activation Step 5

  6. You have successfully activated the purchased game. You can now start the installation process and conduct the download.


Have fun with your purchased PC game!