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Ricochet Lost Worlds

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Ricochet Lost Worlds

Back to the future!

Product description

Ricochet Lost Worlds continues the innovative concept of the first episode with a whole bunch of improvements. You'll find all the original bonuses that made the first version such a success : 8 balls at once, lasers, rockets, ball catcher etc... But you'll also discover the laser - firing ball, target seeking missiles, Electronic Magnetic Pulse (EMP), the ball generator, etc....

And if you finish all 160 game levels, or are just hankering for a little change, you can create your own boards with the level publisher ! Ricochet Lost Worlds truly is the « Must Play » game of this type.

Ricochet Lost Worlds

  • Over 160 levels
  • Pause your game and pick it up the next day !
  • Create your own levels !
  • 4 levels of difficulty available

System requirements

  • IBM PC Compatible 400 MHz
  • Pentium III 550 Mhz
  • 64 Mb Ram
  • Microsoft DirectX

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