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Solitaire Cruise

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Product information

System Windows
Language English
Shipping Digital
Availability Instant download delivery
Age rating No age rating
Filesize 15 MB

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Product description

The main game takes place on a cruise over 10 different countries spread across 60 levels of play (6 levels for each country). Each country has its own unique theme and graphics as well as its own custom music.
Each country has a set of new card layouts which can be unlocked and played via the Free Play mode. You unlock layouts by finishing a game and clearing all of the stockpile cards as well as the cards in the playing area. This is usually pretty easy to do if you play well. The new layouts are unlocked at the end of the round.
Each game is shuffled in such a way that there is always a way of winning, however it is not always clear and the player may run out of available moves. If this happens it will bring up a message box and then it will reshuffle all the cards- this will keep the same layout but change all the cards around so that there is a way of winning again. There are also 3 bonus cards available in the game, each round will typically have 2 bonus cards appear, chosen at random. These can be:

  • Reshuffle: Increments the shuffle counter, allowing the player to shuffle the cards one more time.
  • Restack: Increments the restack counter, allowing the player to search through the stockpile one more time.
  • Reserve: Adds another reserve pile next to the stockpile, allowing the player to deal out up to 3 cards at a time.

Solitaire Cruise

  • Play Solitaire in countries all around the world, each location is unique.
  • Unlock over 200 card layouts as you play through the main game
  • Each location you visit has its own rich visual theme and music.
  • Play any layouts you unlock at your own pace in the Free-Play mode.
  • Find special bonus cards to help you along the way.

System requirements

  • Operating system: Windows XP / 2000 / Vista
  • Processor speed: 300 Mhz
  • RAM: 32 MB
  • Hard drive space (uncompressed): 20 MB
  • Graphics Card: 3D accelerated Graphics Card
  • DirectX version: 9.0


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